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So today, I got attacked by a seagull who wanted my bagel sandwich. It was a bitter fight, but it won and now I have no lunch :(

I don't want to go buy something else; that bagel was delicious....
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So the lady didn't make my life living hell. She...urgh...did the exact opposite, because she liked the mistakes better than what she'd wanted. So I have like 20 more custom requests and I still need to release an actual line of clothing that's not custom. There aren't enough hours in the day!

I wish I didn't need to sleep! Or I could have someone else to run the store, that would be super useful.

...I probably have to look into hiring employees. Which I don't currently have time for. It's like...a paradox.
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I think I screwed up badly. How was it that I screwed up the order for that really nice actress? She asked for like two whole months worth of dresses and I sent her the wrong ones and shit, she'd going to hate me and omgosh, I'm so doomed, I heard she loses her temper really fast.

If you need me, I'll be cowering in the backroom...
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I'm so excited for Yukari-chan's concert tommorow :) It'll be amazing. I have all the faith in her~!

I have slightly less faith about fulfilling these design requirements. I accepted a few individual dress and suit requests and they're exceptionally picky about everything they want... I have a feeling that it won't feel like one of my usual designs with so many limitations...but I do need to promote myself a bit more. I'm still a newbie.
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Happy Birthday, Kaidoh-senpai! :) Have a great day!
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Urgh, I've been so swaaaaaammmped with requests and work offers! Emails, phone calls, business offers in the street....I can't have one moment of peace. I'm still deciding between two main sponsors, and I'm ignoring all the fashion companies that want me to become one of their many designers underneath them...I don't want to work that way. I refuse to be lumped with other designers and have to take orders, again. The point of making my own boutique was to let my creativity flow, not have it stemmed by some hotshot with no idea of how fashion works.

My fashion ideas this year are taking I think bold colours and soft fabrics are in this season~ Also, boooots. They're good this season.

But I've managed to finally fend off the most of them so.....Yukari-chan, would you like to go on a proper date now? I'll take you somewhere really nice! :)
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Fashion Week is over and I have never been more tired in my liiife! But I have contacts and people sending me emails. They think my work was good. I think I still have to wait a bit, but there are people who think my work is worth investing in. I'm both nervous and excited, but for now, I just want to sleep. Thanks for anyone who offered support and my especial thanks go to Liliadent-kun, Yukari and Sakuno for making this go so smoothly :D

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....I was speaking with Vivienne Westwood. I was speaking with Vivienne Westwood. In some pretty broken english, since I seemed to forget everything I knew about the language when I saw her face, but my god. She's amazing. She liked my visions! I think I'm over the moon!

The show's been doing reaaallly well. Sakuno, Yukari and Liliadent-kun are doing fabulous jobs of making my works look better than they actually are and I'm sure that people are taking notice. My sensei was very proud. I spilled hot coffee over my own dress on Monday, but that was okay, since I wasn't going out on the runway.

I both want this week to end and I don't.
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Waiting for the plane to take us over to France with Sakuno and Yukari. Thanks to time difference, we'll land there at pretty much the same time that we took off, so we'll have some time to adjust, but not much. I'm nervous heart's going a mile and minute with all my fears. But I've just got to be positive that everything is going to be okay~ We've rehearsed so much that it would be difficult for something to go wrong.

I almost lost my boarding pass, that was terrifying :|
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....I just realized that Fashion Week is a week from now. I feel faint. What if I screw up? What if one of the outfits fails? What if they don't like me? What if sensei's disappointed? What if it goes wrong?

I'm scared.
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It was fun. I had fun, Yukari-chan. We have to do it again. I'll save your chocolates! I'll eat one every day, so I'll remember just a bit longer.

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Heeeyyy~ Your fashion walk this week was awesome. You're really getting better! :D I think you'll have it down to perfection by March.'re probably already busy on Valentine's Day. But...if you aren't...would you go on a date with me? Maybe?
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I didn't know I had this many :| And they're all over my clothing, because my sewing machine broke, just when I needed it to work! I HATE Murphy's Law. Maybe it's just because I'm stressed, though?

Sakuno, when you're back after the men's final in Australian Open, I need to measure you for your dresses~! And teach you how to model walk. You might need those wobbly hops back ;) You too, Yukarin~! Though, uhh...sorry for harping on about it like this. I just...don't want to screw up in front of people like Gucci and Vera Wang and the big names.

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You're still at Brisbane probably, but here gooooes:

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I accidentally ripped a dress when hanging it up today T_____T I felt like I committed a crime. It's an inanimate object but it's so dear to me. I guess when you make it, you feel sad.

The store's doing well though! :D I'm getting some more business in the new year, especially since people like the fur and warmth of it all. I can't wait until Fahsion Week. I think I'll throw myself at sponsors to try and get myself out there.

Shiraishi-san, I finished your wardrobe! Pick it up whenever. I'll have it ready!

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Guess since I can talk about it without crying, I can probably say it now. Kaede and I split up on Christmas. It's....more and less painful than I imagined simultaneously. Ha.

But it freed me up a lot of time to work on my clothes, since the shipments arrived the day after and now I have sewn 13 outfits for the fashion show and have plenty of time to work on edits or redoing them completely. Like a rough draft, but not. They look pretty cool, if I say so myself. Quite out-there, so they'll definitely be noticed, but not completely ridiculous like other fashion show stuff.

I've always wondered about that. I mean, I get that it's a way to let out your creativity instead of just following the trends for the rest of the year, but most of the stuff that the models wear, make them look like nutjobs. It weirds me out. I mean, I bet the designers wouldn't ever want to wear most of their designs.

Anyway, thanks so much to everybody and their presents. They're all really amazing :)
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I want to throttle someone! Is it so difficult to deliver three shipments of cloth without losing them in transit?! Now I have to wait another three weeks for a bolt of crimson charmeuse! And that was the final touch to my designs! Now I have a deadline for my designs in two weeks, with non-existent cloth.

I suppose I could make do with satin, but the problem is that it doesn't bunch up as nicely as I would have liked... The trials of being a fashion designer without cloth! Maybe I could sneak over to Matsumoto-sensei's studio and steal some of his? He might have a couple of spare bolts...

And Hara-san, I have to thank you for your ideas! The painting-inspired clothing line will definitely make it to Fashion Week! How could I ever pay you back?

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I guess since it's December, I can officially post up most of the winter trends today~! I love winter fashion, it's so much more modest than summer and I love lots of layers~

Woollen leggings, infinity scarves, and thick, faux-wool coats are all the rage. Give a beret and some earmuffs a try and don't forget the retro sweater-dress, which is apparently making a revival. Thermals are a must, especially since people are saying it's going to snow, so get some really nice ones that look good! Good ones are turtlenecks or rollnecks, that protect your throat~ And corduroy trousers can keep you really warm as well.

Boots are also probably good as the weather gets colder. Get nice leather ones, not those fabricky ones that fall apart at the first hint of rain. Hiking boots were all the rage at the Milan show, especially, which is awesome since they're really comfy too! And I love leather gloves with touch-screen sensitive tips! Makes going on your phone in the cold a lot easier~

Colourwise, grey and claret are in this season. Electric blue is as well....though I'd avoid that. The better colour is a nice baby blue.

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Once again, the American holiday of Gluttony rolls around and once again, my contacts in America refuse to give me a straight answer about when my shipment's coming in 'because they're on holiday.' How long would it take for you to go check your emails to answer? Five minutes? What an amazing sacrifice of your time.

Anyway, when I'm not complaining about things, I've started watching Firefly when the shop's slow. It's pretty good so far!

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Okay, I've had so many ideas for clothing, that I haven't stopped drawing for something close to 9 hours straight~! But I have two concrete sample chunks for both Yukarin-chan and Lilia as far as clothes go! So, the next time I see you two, I'm all ready! I feel so accomplished~

The shop's still not doing as well as I'd have liked though... Even if I am on a weird streets with weird shops, I'm really close to Blue Note and some other awesome clubs and schools. Still, can't give up hope so early! I'm designing flyers and going to try and post them in as many shop windows as possible. Maybe I should run a competition to gain some interest from others?



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