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Urgh, I've been so swaaaaaammmped with requests and work offers! Emails, phone calls, business offers in the street....I can't have one moment of peace. I'm still deciding between two main sponsors, and I'm ignoring all the fashion companies that want me to become one of their many designers underneath them...I don't want to work that way. I refuse to be lumped with other designers and have to take orders, again. The point of making my own boutique was to let my creativity flow, not have it stemmed by some hotshot with no idea of how fashion works.

My fashion ideas this year are taking I think bold colours and soft fabrics are in this season~ Also, boooots. They're good this season.

But I've managed to finally fend off the most of them so.....Yukari-chan, would you like to go on a proper date now? I'll take you somewhere really nice! :)
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I didn't know I had this many :| And they're all over my clothing, because my sewing machine broke, just when I needed it to work! I HATE Murphy's Law. Maybe it's just because I'm stressed, though?

Sakuno, when you're back after the men's final in Australian Open, I need to measure you for your dresses~! And teach you how to model walk. You might need those wobbly hops back ;) You too, Yukarin~! Though, uhh...sorry for harping on about it like this. I just...don't want to screw up in front of people like Gucci and Vera Wang and the big names.



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