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Fashion Week is over and I have never been more tired in my liiife! But I have contacts and people sending me emails. They think my work was good. I think I still have to wait a bit, but there are people who think my work is worth investing in. I'm both nervous and excited, but for now, I just want to sleep. Thanks for anyone who offered support and my especial thanks go to Liliadent-kun, Yukari and Sakuno for making this go so smoothly :D

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....I was speaking with Vivienne Westwood. I was speaking with Vivienne Westwood. In some pretty broken english, since I seemed to forget everything I knew about the language when I saw her face, but my god. She's amazing. She liked my visions! I think I'm over the moon!

The show's been doing reaaallly well. Sakuno, Yukari and Liliadent-kun are doing fabulous jobs of making my works look better than they actually are and I'm sure that people are taking notice. My sensei was very proud. I spilled hot coffee over my own dress on Monday, but that was okay, since I wasn't going out on the runway.

I both want this week to end and I don't.
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Waiting for the plane to take us over to France with Sakuno and Yukari. Thanks to time difference, we'll land there at pretty much the same time that we took off, so we'll have some time to adjust, but not much. I'm nervous heart's going a mile and minute with all my fears. But I've just got to be positive that everything is going to be okay~ We've rehearsed so much that it would be difficult for something to go wrong.

I almost lost my boarding pass, that was terrifying :|
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You're still at Brisbane probably, but here gooooes:

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I've always loved dusk. It's that period when the sun's past the horizon and the world is dark, but not night-time yet. It's just so peaceful during that time~ Especially in the city. People will always say amazing things about the countryside, but the city has always been more beautiful to me. It's just got a wonderful awe-inspiring feel to it!

I guess it's because it's so full of life~! I mean, the countryside is too, but the sea feels so barren and the field of grass are void of life you can tangibly touch and feel. The city is filled with stories and passion and life and death at times. When all the lights are on and there's a bitter chill in the air, it's almost like you feel the emotions of everybody in the city....

My girlfriend thinks I'm silly because she used to live in the country and loves it more than anything, but I've always had a fondness for the city. It's where all my best memories are and all my inspiration comes from watching it out of my apartment at nights~

It's at times like this I wonder where Sakuno is. She just vanished and I feel bad for not keeping in contact with her. But we were both busy and ambitious people. I just wish I'd taken the time to respond to her emails during those first few weeks at University. But I was kinda stupid then. Still am, in some ways~



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