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Guess since I can talk about it without crying, I can probably say it now. Kaede and I split up on Christmas. It's....more and less painful than I imagined simultaneously. Ha.

But it freed me up a lot of time to work on my clothes, since the shipments arrived the day after and now I have sewn 13 outfits for the fashion show and have plenty of time to work on edits or redoing them completely. Like a rough draft, but not. They look pretty cool, if I say so myself. Quite out-there, so they'll definitely be noticed, but not completely ridiculous like other fashion show stuff.

I've always wondered about that. I mean, I get that it's a way to let out your creativity instead of just following the trends for the rest of the year, but most of the stuff that the models wear, make them look like nutjobs. It weirds me out. I mean, I bet the designers wouldn't ever want to wear most of their designs.

Anyway, thanks so much to everybody and their presents. They're all really amazing :)
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I want to throttle someone! Is it so difficult to deliver three shipments of cloth without losing them in transit?! Now I have to wait another three weeks for a bolt of crimson charmeuse! And that was the final touch to my designs! Now I have a deadline for my designs in two weeks, with non-existent cloth.

I suppose I could make do with satin, but the problem is that it doesn't bunch up as nicely as I would have liked... The trials of being a fashion designer without cloth! Maybe I could sneak over to Matsumoto-sensei's studio and steal some of his? He might have a couple of spare bolts...

And Hara-san, I have to thank you for your ideas! The painting-inspired clothing line will definitely make it to Fashion Week! How could I ever pay you back?



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