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Name:Osakada Tomoka
Birthdate:Apr 17
Location:Tokyo, Japan
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Name: Osakada Tomoka
Personality: (Just a line or two will do) Tomoka is a bright and happy girl with lots of ambition behind her belt! She's strong-headed and independent and hates being looked down upon for being young and a girl. She gets angry easily, but mostly she's cheerful! She's out to make lots of friends and maybe some contacts.

History: (Tell us what your character has been up to the last ten years) Tomoka decided from the moment that she started into second year of middle school and she saw her idols in person, that she never wanted to be a singer. She hated the attitudes of the singers and she didn't want to be like that. hadn't been like she'd ever had much talent in music anyway. Her talent had always been art...but being an artist was both boring and pennyless.

It wasn't until she watched the Devil in Prada with one of her friends from school, that Tomo realized that she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to be a fashion designer. It combined all of her interests in one and it was prosperous money wise. Tomo started specializing and buying more and more fashion magazines and making portfolios until finally, she got into the Vantan Design Institute and spent four years making connections and learning more about the industry.

She got an apprenticeship under Kansai Yamamoto and still cites him as one of her major fashion sources, but she broke off from him around a month ago, feeling she'd learnt everything that she could under him. She started her own high-end boutique in Aoyama with a sleek, couture fashion to make the wearer look put together without being outrageous....rather unlike her mentor. Though she enjoys making outrageous designs for the catwalk, her sellable clothes are rather more clothes that she would wear on a daily basis.

She's currently in the process of trying to make herself a name in the fashion industry....but it's tough to do! Especially when she's dating a woman in her private life. Being lesbian means that sometimes the media likes to ignore her from their articles.

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